Just a quick update...

We are in fact still alive and well.  I know this may come as a shock to some, and, well, infuriate others (we still love ya baby!), but the rumors of our untimely demise are sadly untrue.   

(and yes, I'm still a cynical sarcastic prick...) 


To clear up some apparent rumors:

No, the other guys on Military did not put us out of business.

God knows the guy on Transit and his "I'm going to revolutionize paintball" business plan didn't.

Nor did Dave.

or Bill and his army of miscreants in the mostly empty expanses of his mind.

We did run out of baked goods tho!


What really happened is this:

After 14 years at the same location our landlord decided to pass away.  He didn't give us any notice, no 90 days, he just wasn't there one day.  His wife decided she wanted the property, even though it was supposed to go with the company to his kid.  Charlie is none too happy...  Her big plan was to sell it off for a couple hundred grand & move to Florida.  I don't think she saw the condition of the place, so she wanted what a large amount of money.  She told us about 8  months to a year before the place sold that we were not to do any repairs on the building, structure, roof, walls, floor, etc because she was considering selling, so our hands were tied.  It sucked, but there wasn't much we could do.  Once we got word the building actually sold we basically had a few weeks or so to vacate, which is why the place was just empty one day.  We would not (even if we could have) paid for the building in the terms she set.

 So...  the property now belongs to a new owner, who supposedly plans on tearing down the building and putting something else up.  I'll believe it when I see the pile of what's left of 1500 military.  If we wanted to, we could have stayed in the building, but the new owner changed the rent structure so it could pay off the national debt.

The property was sold off, and we found ourselves on the street.  Now we could have just moved into any old tiny sandbox, but I wouldn't play in one, why would I expect my customers and (dare I say it) friends, to? 

We have looked at a lot of different places over the past year...  None of them have been quite right for a paintball arena.  Support beams in the wrong places, low ceilings, bad floor surface, too small (I don't want anything except significantly larger than the size of what I had before).  The latest possibility is the closest thing I've seen to perfect for a paintball arena without having been custom built for that purpose, but the realtor won't even bring my offer to the owner because he won't make enough money on the sale...  ahhh, public record search is a wonderful tool!  We'll have to see how that all fares.  If I have my way, I'll have an operational paintball and Airsoft arena by summer.  No guarantees tho.

 If I have a second I'll update this more often (yes, believe it or not, there is life outside of paintball!), or I'll just tell the best source of buffalo paintball gossip (you know who you are),  It'll get around faster that way anyways.


Now for the disclaimer type stuff so we don't get sued...

The views and ideas on this page are solely mine and do not reflect the company, it's associates (past or present) or anyone else that might be offended.


And now back to your regularly scheduled website...


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